"You can do anything with a degree from Hampden-Sydney College," and based on the success of our graduates since 1775, we say that confidently.

But, how do you measure success? Is it by the first job out of college, or by taking the measure of a lifetime? At Hampden-Sydney, we focus on the latter. We know that life is a journey, and we expect our men to have multiple destinations as they pursue their calling. We also know that we have equipped them well through our liberal arts education. The experiences of our alumni in multiple fields speak to the strength of our model.

Still, in today's economy we realize our students and their parents want to see immediate results for the investment in their education. We measure up well there, too. Over the past several years approximately 60% of our new graduates entered business, 10% entered public service, 20% went to graduate school, and 10% pursued personal endeavors - opportunities that satisfy their interests and career goals right after graduation.

Our alumni often find themselves doing unique and interesting careers after graduation. Catch up on what they have been doing on the Engage H-SC blog - see where the possibilities can take you!