Search for Jobs and Internships

Your job search can be overwhelming, so it's helpful to break the process down into manageable steps. Work through this list and check off what you've completed as you go. Before you know it, you'll be well on your way to a great job opportunity..

Did You Know? On average, it will take you a minimum of 3-6 months to conduct a successful job search. Consider this timeline as you prepare for your future. Maximize your opportunities when looking for jobs and internships by preparing for and attending career fairs.


I have identified my personal interests, strengths, likes and dislikes.
I have compiled a list of job titles and careers that are of interest to me.
I can name at least 2 specific careers and/or jobs that I plan to pursue.


I have researched potential career fields including job titles, salary levels, and geographic locations.
I have identified specific geographical areas where I would like to live and work.
I am reading the appropriate industry and trade journals related to my field of interest.
I have researched market and employment trends for  the job(s) I wish to pursue.
I have talked with a number of professionals in the  field to gain greater understanding of trends and events affecting entry level hires.
I have planned to use my HSC email account or I have created a new, professional one to correspond with
potential employers.
I have developed a list of network contacts with whom I correspond with on a regular basis.


I have met with a member of the Career Education staff to discuss my future plans.
I have updated my profile on Tiger Connections at
I have registered for an account with if I'm searching for internships.
I have identified 3-4 individuals to serve as a personal and/or professional reference.
I have, or plan to, attend workshops offered by Career Education on preparing my professional portfolio, interviewing, effective networking and the job search process.
I have developed my interview skills by reviewing the Get Ready handout and formulating my own responses to traditional interview questions.
I have the appropriate interview attire: one conservative suit, pressed dress shirt, sensible tie (or bow tie), matching shoes, belt or suspenders.
I have created a professional sounding voicemail message at my primary contact number for potential employers to call.


I have attended at least one job fair offered through the Career Education Office.
I have identified at least two or three job search mechanisms that I check frequently for new opportunities.
I check Tiger Connections regularly for announcements on job opportunities.
I have developed an organized system to keep track of my contacts, interviews, follow-ups and other job search related activities.
I prioritize job application deadlines and respond to all interesting leads immediately.
I have participated in at least one on-campus interview.
I have developed a list of questions to ask employers during interview(s).
After each interview, I send a hand-written thank you note to each person who interviewed me.
I am remaining patient and focused as I know finding the best job opportunity for me will take several months.