Project Delphi: Vocational Reflection

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At Hampden-Sydney, we believe that life is a journey. The journey does not end when our young men graduate and leave The Hill. Our hope is that they continue in the process of vocational reflection throughout their lives as they develop into good men and good citizens.

Project Delphi seeks to foster a campus-wide climate of reflection on how we - students, faculty, staff, and administration - lead and serve by 

  • educating the faculty and staff through workshops to discern their own passions and
  • implementing ways to help students discover theirs.

Our young men have the opportunity to explore vocational reflection in a number of settings and environments including the academic advising programcareer counseling, freshmen seminars, Army ROTCLiving and Learning Communities, mentoring programs, athletic team service projects, Society of '91, Residence Life service projects, Wellness Center activities, and academic classes. This collaborative program includes the following offices: Career Education, Academic SuccessSubstance EducationCounseling ServicesCivic EngagementFirst Year and Second Year Programs, Athletics, and a number of Academic Departments.


Linda Hart Cheyne
Vocational Reflections Coordinator

Subcommittee leaders:
Stanley A. Cheyne, Faculty Development
Linda Hart Cheyne, Retreats and Staff Development
Nick Deifel, RPE Research
Ellen Masters, Student Retreats
Becca Snyder Shelton, Programs/Events
Trey Thurman, Faculty Development
Mike Wolyniak, Programs/Events