Project Delphi Events, 2016-17

Faculty/Staff/Coach Retreats
Four times a year invited faculty, staff, and coaches meet for five sessions, two hours each, to retreat and discuss topics from short stories, articles, and life and career paths. Food and beverages are provided at each retreat. Participants take the information they glean from the retreat and take it to their classrooms, advising, mentoring, and relationship with students and each other.  

Staff/Faculty/Coach Reunion
All participants from the retreats meet to socialize and share their personal experience at the retreat. They discuss the ideas of how vocational reflection can better the college, gather ideas for a "tool box" and resource for both faculty & staff and how to bring those to fruition The reunions also allow staff, faculty, and coaches to see who all has gone through the retreats as persons of future resource.  

Faculty Working Group
Faculty only discuss academic changes and how vocational reflection can be brought into the classroom. Faculty workshop/brainstorming sessions talk about ways to incorporate some of the ideas from the retreats--and from vocational reflection generally--into academic initiatives. Project Delphi has contributed to new academic discussions starting up on campus, including those having to do with the curriculum review, the new QEP (first year experience), revamping advising, and the academic master plan.  

Staff Working Group
Staff only to discuss student life changes and how VR can be brought into student life outside the classroom. Staff workshop/brainstorming sessions to collaborate on about ways to incorporate Project Delphi ideas from the retreats--and from vocational reflection generally--into life outside the classroom  

Student Retreats
Providing vocational reflection opportunities to the students: faculty/staff/coaches, who have attended a Project Delphi retreat, invited 2-3 upperclassmen to a retreat. Those invited students invite 2-3 freshman or sophomores to build relationships across the differing years. The retreats are two sessions, one and a half hours each, discussing their life's journey and trajectory. Helping the students discern their values and what they can bring to the world.  

Rhetoric Proficiency Exam Research
Invited faculty and staff read the rhetoric efficiency exam to glean data for the purpose of research. Interviewed students offer more information from an all-male perspective. The study is to gather data from the topic of vocation and gender. Finding from the research will be presented at the next NetVUE conference, Spring 2017, as well as other conferences  

Declaration Reception
This event celebrates the sophomores as they declare their major. Reception with heavy hors-d'oeuvre as they meet with their freshman advisors. The students are dismissed by major & ascend to the Board and Chairman's rooms for toast and dessert. There they meet with their department advisor, take pictures,  and visit with other sophomores in the department.  

Storm the Dorm
All upperclassmen and alumni meet at the bell tower. As a group they walk to their freshman dorm room/floor and share stories with the current freshman. Food trucks from Bojangles, Main Street Bagel, and Thompson will provide snacks. Freshman are invited by upperclassmen to other events during the weekend of the Macon football game. The purpose is to build relationships between freshman and upperclassmen - "build the brotherhood"  

Lunch across Campus
Faculty, staff, and coaches from different departments and areas meet and share a potluck salad and topping. This provides an opportunity to bridge a community with different groups around campus, break down silos, and get to know our community better, one group at a time.  

Sophomore Retreat
This is being developed under the leadership of Provost Stevens and backed by Project Delphi and Student Affairs. This is an event that will take place for students before their sophomore year. The purpose is to build relationships which will aid in retention.