At Hampden-Sydney, we wholly believe that life is a journey, much like the quest to find a career that is fulfilling. These questions can be used as a tool to begin discerning one's purpose and calling, in careers and in life, and are weaved into the academic and extra-curricular life on campus. The jouney does not end when our young men graduate and leave The Hill, and our hope is that they continue in the process of vocational reflection throughout their lives to continue becoming good men and good citizens.

We welcome you to take a look at, and ponder, the questions. They vary in degree, some are easier to answer than others, and consist of big and small questions. Career Education encourages students to schedule an appointment with us early in their academic career to begin the vocational reflection process. We also encourage advisors, faculty, and staff to gracefully blend the idea of vocational reflection into conversations and activities on campus.

The 'big' questions (see above document for supplemental questions):

1) Why am I in college?

2) What are my passions, talents, gifts?

3) What do others need from me?

4) What do I want to be known for?

5) What does it mean to be a good man and how do I become one?

6) What do I believe?

7) How will I know my life's purpose and calling?

8) How do I take full advantage of my H-SC education to become a "good man and a good citizen"?