H-SC Wireless Network

Welcome to the Hampden-Sydney College Computing Center homepage for wireless access. Wireless access points have been installed in various locations around campus that enables anyone to connect to the Hampden-Sydney network with a compatible wireless device.

All public wireless access points made available by Hampden-Sydney are set to the SSID of HAMS-WLAN-BLUESOCKET, in administrative and academic facilities, or HSC-STU-WLAN 1 or HSC-STU-WLAN 2, in student housing areas. These SSID's require authentication with your H-SC username and password. After connecting to the wireless network, open a web browser and you will be directed to the Hampden-Sydney Wireless Network login screen. On the left side of the screen you will need to enter your H-SC username and password (This is the same username and password that is used for campus e-mail) do not put "@hsc.edu". After successfully logging in, the web browser should then direct you to the requested web page. Guests can also connect to the campus wireless network by providing a valid e-mail address at the Guests login.

H-SC Wireless Login Screen

You will need an 802.11a/b/g/n compatible wireless network card in order to obtain a wireless connection.

If you need assistance connecting to the campus wireless network, please click here for instructions!

Coverage Areas

Academic / Administrative Buildings

Atkinson Hall Hampden House
Bagby Hall Johns Auditorium
The Birthplace Joyner House (Wellness Center)
Bortz Library Kirby Field House
Buildings & Grounds Kirk Athletic Center
Bush House (Financial Aid) The Maples
Cabell House Middlecourt
Coleman Cottage Morton Hall
College Church Museum
Crawley Forum Observatory
Estcourt House Packer House (Wilson Center)
Estcourt Annex Parents & Friends (Venable)
Everett Stadium


Gilkeson Hall (Campus Police) Settle Hall
Gilmer Hall Ty Cobb Ballpark
Graham Hall Winston Hall


Student Housing

Alphabet B, C, D, E, F Lackes House
Alpha Chi Sigma Lambda Chi
Beta Theta Pi Melvin House
Blake Apts B, C, D, E Music House
Burrell House Phi Gamma Delta
Carpenter X, Y, Z Pi Kappa Alpha
Chi Phi Reid House
Chi Phi South Sagebrook A, B, C, D
Cushing Hall Sigma Alpha Epsilon
Dishman House Sigma Chi
Elliot House Sigma Nu
Farmer House Terry House
Hampden Units 1, 2, 3, 4 Theta Chi
Jacks Cottage Thompson House
Jeffers House Venable Hall
Jones House Wauchope House (Women's Guest House)
Kappa Alpha Whitehouse

If you need any assistance or have questions, please contact the Computing Center Helpdesk at x6911 on campus, or 223-6373 from off campus.