H-SC Campus Wireless Instructions

  1. Any wireless device with an a/b/g/n or ac (in select areas) wireless network card can connect to the H-SC wireless network. Select one of the campus SSIDs, HSCWiFi5 or HSCWiFi2. If HSCWiFi5 is visible on your device, it will generally provide the fastest network speeds; however, this SSID will not be visible on all devices.

  1. Once you have connected to one of the campus wireless networks, a web browser will open and you will be directed to the H-SC Wireless Network login screen (see picture below).

               *** If your default homepage uses HTTPS, you may need to change the address in the URL bar to a non-secure site
                    such as www.hsc.edu to properly redirect ***

Captive Portal  

  1. Use your H-SC username and password to login. Guests, enter a valid email address in the Guest login field. After a successful login, the web browser will direct you to your default home page.