Jenzabar Tips


JENZABAR Software Help is always available by clicking Help on the top menu bar in your module. Then click on Help Topics. The Companion Guide is the manual for the module. All modules have a listing of all EX tables and columns in the Help Topics. The table and column listing is very helpful when trying to figure out what table a column is in for reporting.

TRAINING INFORMATION: To be able to get training information from the Jenzabar Web Site you need to click on this link Jenzabar Client Web Page and create an account or login.

Click on Jenzabar University then put your mouse over the relevant dates and select EX courses.

EX Listserv: Go to the following link and set up an account Jenzabar Listserv. If you have already set up an account go to this location to login and signup for different groups Listserv Groups. When you click on a group the screen opens and you will be able to subscribe or unsubscribe from whichever group you want to get information on. Make sure that the group starts with EX to get on the Jenzabar EX groups.

PRINTING -- Default Printer: Jenzabar software will print to the default printer that was set before the Jenzabar software was opened. If you change the default printer during the time you are using the Jenzabar software it will not print to that printer. The default has to be set before you open Jenzabar. If you need to switch printers you will have to exit Jenzabar, set the default printer and then reenter Jenzabar. Call Rusty Davis at ext. 7061 with any questions about Jenzabar or InfoMaker.