Repairs for Mac

All student, faculty, and staff owned Macs that are a G4 class Mac or greater receive software trouble shooting support at no cost.

Supported Operating Systems

OSX Version 10.3.x or greater
Windows running in Boot Camp or in a virtual machine IS NOT supported

Supported Applications

Office for Mac 2004
Office for Mac 2008

Workorder Status

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At this time the Computing Center is not certified as an Apple authorized hardware repair center. Therefore, no hardware repairs are preformed on campus and other arrangements will be required.

Hampden-Sydney is not responsible for any damages to computer systems* or data** that are incidental to the technical support rendered.

* Computer system is defined as: Hardware (CPU enclosure, mouse, keyboard, printer, monitor and associated cables), software (operating system software, applications software and related software) and any additional physical devices.

** Data is defined as: Any information not part of operating system software, applications system software or related software that is stored on the computer system described in this document or on any device that interacts with the computer system described in this document.