Fire Marshal Advisory

Dear Parents,

The following advisory was sent to your son on March 19.  We want all students to be aware of how seriously the State Fire Marshal is taking this matter and how serious are the possible consequences for violations.

Please be advised: 


Removal of or tampering with equipment.  It shall be unlawful for any person to remove, tamper with or otherwise disturb any fire hydrant, fire detection and alarm system, fire suppression system, or other fire appliance required by this code except for the purpose of extinguishing fire, training purposes, recharging or making necessary repairs, or when approved by the fire code official.

Such acts are a Class 1 misdemeanor in Virginia and punishable by up to ONE YEAR IN JAIL AND $2500.00 IN FINES.

The State Fire Marshal, who can inspect residence halls at will without prior notice to or permission from the College, has the authority to seek warrants of arrest for violations of the State Fire Code

The State Fire Marshal has indicated that warrants could be sought for all students assigned to or occupying  the immediate space where a violation is present.

The College anticipates that the State Fire Marshal will be conducting inspections beginning the week of April 1st.