Student Vehicles, Weapons and Emergency Alert Subscription

Dear Parent,

As the academic year continues to progress, I want to share with you some important information that your son needs to address throughout they year.  

First, if your son plans to have a car on campus, please have him go here to enter the required data. Decals must be applied properly within 48 hours of receipt.  

IMPORTANT: The College's parking plan has been updated, and parking enforcement will include vehicle immobilization. A student's car will get "booted" on the FIRST offense if he parks in any of the faculty/staff lots or Graham Circle-Guest Parking during weekdays from 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. PLEASE see that your son is aware of this change. We do not want to inconvenience anyone unnecessarily. All of the NEW parking regulations may be found in THE KEY.  

Second, Hampden-Sydney College provides a Gun Locker facility for students who may want to have a long gun on campus. Any long gun (no more than two) that a student wants to bring on campus MUST BE REGISTERED UPON ARRIVAL at the Campus Police Department. Firearms may not be stored in vehicles or in rooms for any period of time. H-SC police officers are available 24-hours a day to assist in the registration. Cases for firearms cannot be stored in the lockers, so a student must make arrangements to transport the firearm in a soft case that can be folded and stored in a vehicle trunk. Please be familiar with the firearms regulations found in THE KEY.  

Third, please be aware that the College's Computing Center registers students in the E2Campus emergency alert system. In the event of an emergency, your son will be notified via text and email. If he needs to update his cellphone data, your son may go here and follow the directions.  

Thank you for taking the time to help manage these important matters! The Hampden-Sydney Public Safety and Police Department and I wish you and your son a successful academic year.  


Scott S. Williams
Director of Public Safety and Chief of Police