Campus Safety


Department of Security and Police

The Hampden-Sydney College Department of Security and Police is located in the Gilkeson Building at 769 Alpha Drive near the main entrance to the College.  The Police Department provides high-level professional law enforcement and 24-hour security services to the campus community.  The Police Department's officers are dedicated to supporting the College's mission "to form good men and good citizens in an atmosphere of sound learning" by ensuring a safe and secure campus.  The safety and well-being of students, faculty, staff, and visitors are the primary concerns of the Department of Police.



The department consists of eight full-time officers, who provide twenty-four hour coverage, seven days per week.  Officers in vehicles, on bicycles, or on foot, patrol the campus as well as adjacent public property and other college-owned property.  All officers have been trained in emergency medical procedures and CPR.  Each patrol vehicle contains an emergency trauma kit, a blood-born pathogen kit, and an automated external defibrillator.  Officers are usually the first to respond to all medical and fire emergencies on campus and the immediate surrounding area.

When Resident Advisors are not available and time permits, officers are available to unlock rooms as well as unlock and/or jump-start vehicles.  In an effort to prevent theft, officers are available to engrave personal property for identification purposes.  Some officers are certified instructors in various fields, and all are available to conduct informational programming.

In addition to dedicated service to the campus community, officers are charged to maintain peace and enforce Virginia Law and College Policy.  All officers are fully trained, sworn police officers and certified by the Commonwealth of Virginia.  The officers receive training at the Central Virginia Criminal Justice Academy in Lynchburg, Virginia.

Headed by Chief Jeffrey S. Gee, the department maintains a close working relationship with the Virginia Department of State Police, Prince Edward County Sheriff's Department, Farmville Police Department, Longwood University Police Department, and other college and university police agencies.  The Department of Police endeavors to represent Hampden-Sydney College as a professional law enforcement agency in a manner which demonstrates that this institution embraces the highest qualities of humanity in all facets of its operations.