Emergency Phone Numbers

In the event of an emergency, call 911 for an immediate response. 

Law Enforcement (Police)
Hampden-Sydney College Police Department 434-223-6164
Prince Edward County Sheriff's Department 434-392-8101
Farmville Police Department 434-392-3332
Virginia State Police 800-552-0962
Longwood University Police Department 434-395-2091
Hampden-Sydney Volunteer Fire Department 434-223-2392
Prince Edward County Fire Department 434-392-6543
Prospect Volunteer Fire Department 434-574-9911
Emergency Health Services
Centra Southside Community Hospital (CSCH) 434-392-8811
Centra Southside Community Hospital Emergency Dept 434-315-2530
Blue Ridge Poison Center 800-222-1222
Crossroads Community Services 434-392-3938 or
Emergency Health Transportation
Prince Edward County Volunteer Rescue Squad 434-392-6973
Paladin Medical Transport Inc. (ambulance) 434-315-5620
Air transportation service (helicopter) Arranged by CSCH Emergency Room
Campus Phone Numbers
Provost 434-223-6114
Director of Public Safety and Chief of Police 434-223-6164
Director of Student Health Services at Wellness Center 434-223-6167
Director of Communications 434-223-7229
Director of the Library and College Computing 434-223-6197
Director of Physical Plant 434-223-6161
College Chaplain 434-223-6269
Office of Student Affairs
Dean of Students 434-223-6127
Director of Residence Life 434-223-7154
Director of Civic Engagement & Student Affairs Operations 434-223-6340
Assistant Dean of Students for Inclusion and First-year Transition 434-223-6384
Assistant Dean of Students for Activities & Organizations 434-223-6043
Assistant Dean of Students for Substance Education 434-223-6318