Gifts to Hampden-Sydney College in 2012-13

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Thank you for your contribution to Hampden-Sydney College. Because
of you and other generous donors, the College remains academically vibrant and financially sound.

Each year, a new group of young men come to Hampden-Sydney for a complete liberal arts education and moral foundation. With majors in languages, mathematics, physical sciences, social sciences, and the arts,
our students have a wide range of opportunities at their fingertips.

Like generations before, Hampden-Sydney students also adhere to two principles for life: the Honor Code and the Code of Student Conduct. Your
gift ensures a new generation of men guided by these tenets.

We are excited that you continue to appreciate the value of Hampden-Sydney's unique offering and to show that appreciation by supporting our academic endowment, scholarships, and operating expenses.

Hampden-Sydney College appreciates every gift. Thank you.

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