More Support Needed for the Hampden-Sydney Fund

Hampden-Sydney College's "atmosphere of sound learning" would not be possible without the consistent support of donors to the Hampden-Sydney Fund. The College continues to attract bright, engaging, and well-rounded young men to our historic campus every year. Yet in today's economic climate, the cost of a college education presents a significant challenge for most families. For many, a college education simply wouldn't be possible without scholarship assistance. Thankfully, donors to the Hampden-Sydney Fund continue to invest in these young minds, strengthening the College and the futures of Hampden-Sydney students with each gift.

This past year, alumni, parents, and friends combined efforts for a record fundraising year. Alumni, in particular, were asked to respond to the 3000 Strong Challenge, in which the College challenged 3,000 alumni to give to the College by the end of the fiscal year. The incredible commitment of Hampden-Sydney alumni to their alma mater was readily apparent in the results, with over 3,371 alumni answering the call. As a result, our alumni giving percentage climbed seven percentage points in one year-an achievement not often seen in higher education. This increase not only benefits students by maintaining the exceptional educational experience the College provides, but also benefits the College's reputation among foundations that make grants and enhances our standing in college rankings.

Top 10 Classes Total Giving
1963 $2,217,094
1977 $840,048
1978 $516,043
1973 $386,253
1972 $360,989
1960 $320,540
1974 $319,585
1975 $262,004
1979 $203,895
1951 $183,847

The Hampden-Sydney Fund also provides faculty instructional support and essential funding for the operation and maintenance of Hampden-Sydney's historic campus. Summer research opportunities for undergraduates and other critically important academic experiences are also made possible each year through the Hampden-Sydney Fund. These programs provide the core of an exceptional student experience for current Hampden-Sydney men and also lead to the recruitment of outstanding students.

Hampden-Sydney Fund Giving 2012-2013
ALUMNI 2694 $1,585,692
PAST PARENTS  173 $79,384
FRIENDS 94 $42,082
FACULTY & STAFF 32 $15,414
STUDENTS 455 $9,625
FOUNDATION 25 $132,642
MATCHING GIFTS 65 $100,795
OTHERS 24 $133,112
TOTAL  3595 $2,141,194

Scholarships are key to attracting the kinds of young men who make Hampden-Sydney a vibrant academic community. The Hampden-Sydney Fund is one of the three key funding sources for the College's budget, along with endowment earnings and tuition and fees. Of these three sources, the Hampden-Sydney Fund is the one over which alumni and friends have the greatest influence. Gifts to the Hampden-Sydney Fund ensure that the College will continue to form good men and good citizens who leave The Hill prepared to make a difference in the world. Thanks to your generosity, the future is bright for the next generation of Hampden-Sydney men and for Hampden-Sydney College.

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