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study abroad

Hampden-Sydney College values the study abroad experience. Whether you are a freshman just starting your college career, a sophomore getting ready to plan your semester abroad, or a language major completing the required foreign study component for graduation, you can choose from a wide array of programs in over 30 countries. Language majors earn both credit hours and quality points which count toward the overall grade point average, while non-language majors earn credit hours only.

Types of Programs

Students can select language immersion programs, such as those in France, China, Spain and Argentina or language enhancing programs, such as those in Austria, Germany, France and Japan. In a language immersion program, all courses are taught in the foreign language; however, in a language enhancing program, non-language courses are offered in English. Are your goals not related to languages? How about studying art and architecture in Cairo, Paris or London, classical studies in Italy or Greece, economics or political science in Eastern Europe, literature in Ireland, the Aborigine culture or marine sciences in Australia? There are no language requirements for these programs - all classes are taught in English - and students earn credit hours only, no letter grade or quality points.

Opportunities are also available in world-renowned universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, the London School of Economics, and Trinity College Dublin. Students with higher than average GPAs are encouraged to apply to these programs.

Jonathan Hunolt '08 in Rome

Can I Afford to Go Abroad?

Financial aid may be available to qualified students, and in most cases, the cost for one semester abroad (tuition, room and board) is no more expensive than a semester right here on campus. Additional costs, such as plane fare, international insurance, entertainment and travel expenses, laundry and long-distance phone calls vary from program to program.

The Details

The Director of Global Education and Study Abroad will help you during the entire procedure from filling out the application forms, ensuring you complete the course approval process, and helping you with any questions you have along the way. The Director can also assist you with passport and visa forms, foreign currency matters, and pre-departure orientation.

 Last updated: 7-17-14