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Travel Information: - Destination and health info, question and answer bulletin board. - Center for Disease Control info on travel vaccinations required to visit a particular country and country information on outbreaks and epidemics. - U.S. Dept. of State consular reports on all countries, travel warnings, info on getting or replacing U.S. passport. - The best source for information on obtaining passports. - Information on how to get a passport in an emergency (also call 800-367-1818).

Currency Exchange: - Currency exchange.

Travel Discounts:

The ISIC(International Student Identity Card) card allows students around the world to prove their official student status and access over 150,000 student discounts and offers worldwide.

Travel Guides and Arrangements: - Popular travel company. Cheap plane tickets - Really cheap plane tickets around European cities. - Popular travel company. - Popular travel company. - Cheap plane tickets around European cities. - America's leading student travel organization web site has updated travel safety tips and airline information. - Student discounts available for air tickets. - Comprehensive city guides and entertainment listings. - Popular travel company.
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Summer Langauge Programs in the US - How to vote while abroad.

Last updated: 09/27/2016