May Term Spain 2016

Spain - Universidad de Alcalá de Henares 

Visit Cervantes' Birthplace!

Tentative Dates: May 11th-June 11th, 2016

Prof. Dieudonné Afatsawo
Prof. Germán Salinas


Estimated Cost (not including airfare): $6577

Course Offerings:

  • Spanish 201/202- Intermediate Spanish
  • Spanish 303- Culture & Civilization of Spain
  • Spanish 411- Contemporary Issues in Spanish Society

Course Descriptions:

Spanish 201Intermediate Spanish I (3 credits): A
continuation of the 101-102 sequence . Continued
development of the four basic skills: speaking, listening
comprehension, reading, and writing. Emphasis on the use
of Spanish in the classroom. Prerequisite: 102, 103, or placement by the department.

Spanish 202- Intermediate Spanish II (3 credits): Emphasis on the productive skills of speaking and writing with a general grammar review. Continued practice in reading of authentic Hispanic texts, both popular and literary. Several oral presentations are required. Prerequisite: 201.


Spanish 303- Culture & Civilization of Spain (3 credits) An introduction to the history and culture of Spain through visual, oral, literary, and journalistic sources. Oral and written work in Spanish only. Prerequisites: Spanish 201-201 or placement by the department.


Spanish 411- Contemporary issues in Spanish Society (3 credits) Students focus on raising cultural awareness and further developing analytical and discussion skills through the study of contemporary issues in society. Prerequisite: Spanish 303.


  • Students choose a total of six credits
  • Students will be staying with Spanish host families. There will not be more than one H-SC student per family
  • Price includes 3 meals a day with host family


  1. A day trip to Toledo
  2. A day trip to Segovia
  3. A day trip to Castilla la Mancha - to see the likely landscape of the Don Quixote novel


  • Museo del Prado: Paintings by the major Spanish and European masters
  • Museo del Arte Contemporáneo Reina Sofía- students will see Picasso's famous "Guernica" that for many years after the Spanish Civil War was on display at the MOMA in New York.
  • El Rastro: open air Sunday flea market in the heart of Hapsburg Madrid-The Old Madrid
  • A cultural show
  • Tours of Madrid and Alcalá de Henares as part of the courses, may include a visit to Cervantes' birthplace (Alcalá de Henares), El Retiro, El Palacio de Oriente and its surrounding gardens, La Plaza Mayor, Puerta del Sol, etc.


Estimated Cost (not including airfare): $6577.  Cost includes 3 meals a day in host family housing.  Cost does not include airfare, textbooks, or personal expenditures.  Final cost will depend on the number of participants.