May Term to Spain

May Term 2014
Alcala de Henares, Spain  

(May Term to Spain Program is now closed)                               Alcala de Henares, Spain

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May 14th-June 14th, 2014
Professor Dieudonne Afatsawo
Professor German Salinas

Course Descriptions:

Spanish 201Intermediate Spanish I (3 credits): A continuation of the 101-102 sequence . Continued development of the four basic skills: speaking, listening comprehension, reading, and writing. Emphasis on the use of Spanish in the classroom. Prerequisite: 102, 103, or placement by the department.


Spanish 202- Intermediate Spanish II (3 credits): Emphasis on theproductive skills of speaking and writing with a general grammar review. Continued practice in reading of authentic Hispanic texts, both popular and literary. Several oral presentations are required. Prerequisite: 201. 


Spanish 303- Culture & Civilization of Spain (3 credits) An introduction to the history and culture of Spain through visual, oral, literary, and journalistic sources. Oral and written work in Spanish only. Prerequisites: 201-202.


Spanish 411
- Contemporary Issues in Spanish Society (3 credits) This advanced course complements the May-Term study abroad experience in Spain for Spanish majors and minors. Students focus on raising cultural awareness and further developing analytical and discussion skills through the study of contemporary issues in society. Students read newspapers, watch selected programs on television, listen to educational radio programs, and attend public lectures. These activities provide the information and vocabulary necessary for discussion of issues of social significance. Classes are conducted in Spanish, and discussions are carefully directed for clear and correct expression of ideas and optimal oral practice. Students demonstrate their understanding of the issues through oral presentations, brief papers, and a final written or oral project. Prerequisite: Spanish 303

  • Students choose a total of six credits
  • Students will be staying with host families. There will not be more than one HSC student per family


May 14 -Students meet & depart from Richmond International Airport

May 15- Studens arrive at Barajas, Madrid

May 16- 8:30-10:30am: Welcome/Orientation at Instituto Franklin, lunch with family, 4:30-6:30pm Tour of Alcalà de Henares

May 17- Day with Family

May 18- Visit Rastro (Historic open air flea market in Madrid)

May 19- 8:30-12:30 Class, 4:00-6:00pm Class

May 20- 8:30-12:30 Class

May 21- Day trip to La Mancha (Ruta del Quijote)

May 22- 8:30-12:30 Class, 4:00-6:00 Class

May 23- 8:30-12:30 Class, 4:00-8:00pm Tour of Madrid (Palacia Real & Madrid de los Austrias

May 24- Day with Family

May 25- Time with Family & prepare for class

May 26- 8:30-12:30 Class, 4:00-6:00pm Class

May 27- 8:30-12:30 Class, 4:00-8:00pm Tour of Prado & Reina Sofia Museums

May 28- 8:30-12:30 Class, 4:00-6:00 Review Session

May 29- 9:00am-12:00pm Exam 201 & Upper Level

Break: Thurs 29th after exam until June 1st for organized extended trips

June 2- 8:30-12:30 Class, 4:00-6:00pm Class

June 3- Day trip to Segovia

June 4- 8:30-12:30 Class, 4:00-8:00pm Cultural Show & Dinner

June 5- 8:00-12:00 Class

June 6- 8:30-12:30 Class

June 7- Day Trip to Toledo

June 8- Time with Family & prepare for class

June 9- 8:30-12:30 Class, 4:00-6:00pm Class

June 10- 8:30-12:30 Class, 4:00-6:00pm Class

June 11- Day Trip to El Escoria/El Valle de los Caîdos

June 12- 8:30-12:30 Class, 4:00-6:00 Review Session

June 13- 9:00am-12:00pm Exam 202 & Upper Level, Departure Preparations, Cena de despedida

June 14- Departure for Barajas


  1. This is a Hampden-Sydney College program. Students must observe all rules and regulations of conduct of Hampden-Sydney College.
  2. Announced cultural activities are mandatory. Students may earn extra credit for attending cultural activities organized by the Instituto Franklin at the Universidad de Alcalá de Henares. Those activities cannot substitute the mandatory activities.
  3.  Unless otherwise exempted by the professors, you must have all meals at home with your family
  4. You must be  totally committed---immersed---in order to enjoy the benefits of the program.
  5. Course participation is limited to 16 students per class. Students applying after the maximum number is reached will be put on a waiting list.

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Cost:  $6,895 subject to change. Does not include airfare. Group airfare will be priced separately once participant total is established.
$500 non-refundable Deposit due by February 7th, 2014

For More information
Contact the Office of Global Education & Study Abroad
Bagby Hall 315 or 313 (434) 223-6311
Professor Afatsawo in Bagby 303 and Professor Salina in Bagby 321