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Seasons Eating Program:  This program ends on December 12, 2016.  The goal of the program is to Maintain, Don’t Gain during the upcoming holidays.  You will track your weight twice a week during the program.  Your weight will not be displayed on the leaderboard, only the number of days tracked.  Please login to and go to the My Trackers page to login your weight.  All beBetter Participants will receive 50 wellness points for completing the challenge and all participants who complete the challenge will have their name entered into a drawing to receive a $50.00 Wal-Mart gift card.  The winners of the gift cards will be drawn prior to the holiday break.    

Adea Finch, Wellness Advocate, is available for telephonic coaching for the month of December.  Telephonic dates:  December 9th & 13th.   You can text/call Adea at 804-914-2500 or email at


LiveHealth Online:  See a doctor 24/7 at the convenience of your home or office from your computer or mobile device.  Register at 


"11 Tips for a More Healthful Holiday Season"


1.  Make sure you keep logging your food and exercise as this keeps us accountable.

2.  Take a weight loss vacation.  If weight loss is a goal of yours put it on the back burner during the holidays.

3.  Sign up for a New Year's race.

4.  Put new workout gear on your gift wish list.

5.  Plan an active outing for every holiday celebration.

6.  Earn your treats before you indulge. Eat healthy prior to heading out to the holiday party.

7.  Sleep more.  Sleep deprivation literally messes with your mind and your appetite.

8.  Remix your own recipes.  Make one simple ingredient swap for a healthier version of your recipe.

9.  Weigh-in weekly.  Don't obsess over the holiday, but weigh-in once a week to keep your weight in check.

10.  Don't wait until January to start exercising. 

11.  Listen to your tummy.  If you're not hungry don't overindulge at a holiday feast. 


 Note to Self:  With so much to be thankful for, perhaps the greatest of all illusions is that life could somehow be better than it already is.




Adea Finch
CICV Wellness Coach
H-SC Wellness Advocate
(804) 914-2500

Dr. Lynise Anderson, N.D.
CICV Wellness Coordinator

Debbie Herndon
H-SC Benefits Manager

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