MPj04096550000[1] The College pairs with Delta Dental to provide a full range of services, including orthodontia.   Delta Dental covers the four main types of dental expenses:

  • Preventative and diagnostic care (routine exams and cleanings, fluoride treatments, sealants, bitewing x-rays) - paid at 100%, no deductible, two per calendar year. (3 for participants who are diabetic or pregnant)
  • Basic services  (fillings {covers white composites for front and back teeth}; oral surgery; extractions; root canals; periodontal services; denture repair; re-cementation of crowns, bridges, and dentures) - paid at 80% after the deductible ($50).
  • Major Services are available with the VOLUNTARY buy-up coverage (crowns, bridges, dentures) - paid at 50% after the deductible($50).
  • Annual Benefit Maximum - $1,000 per enrollee (for all above), per calendar year.  Annual checkups are not subtracted from $1,000 maximum.
  • Orthodontia is available with the VOLUNTARY buy-up coverage - paid at 50%, no deductible, lifetime maximum benefit of $1,000 (separate from regular deductible/maximums)