Walking to Good Health

Walk at Lunch

There will be two groups walking beginning at different locations on campus:

  1. 12:00 Noon -- 20 minutes -- Monday thru Friday; Gilmer Hall
  2. 1:00 p.m.   -- 30 minutes -- Tuesdays and Thursdays; Bell Tower

Maps with walking distances around campus will be handed out.  You may also access the Walking Paths Map online.

On the National Walk@Lunch Day website, you can map your own route and get the distance using a Google map.  This site also links to the BlueCross Blue Shield Walking Works program.

left quote imageWhile any increase in walking will help promote good health, the President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports recommends 30 minutes a day, on five or more days a week, or 10,000 steps daily, to produce the best, long-term health benefits for most individuals. That is why Blue Cross and Blue Shield Plans have launched WalkingWorks. (from the Walking Works website)

Walking Paths Map at H-SC

Click for a larger view of the Walking Paths Map in pdf format.

Track Your Wellness Progress

Walking Works website has an online tracking program and a printer-friendly verson.

Get the MyFitnessPal App on your smartphone.  It provides an easy way to set a weight goal based on your age and height.  You can enter what you eat each day and the exercise you do.  The App will then calculate the calories towards what you are allowed to meet your weight goal.  For example, if you walk thirty minutes at a slow pace, you will get 83 calories added to the amount you may eat in a day!