Dependent Children On-Campus Tuition Remission Program Policy

Dependent children (male or female) may apply for admission to the College.  If admitted, the dependent will receive tuition remission equal to the amount of tuition not paid by a Virginia Tuition Assistance Grant, for up to eight (8) semesters of full-time study, or an equivalent part-time period.  This benefit is not extended to May Term.  Failure of the student or the College employee to apply for the Virginia Tuition Assistance Grant will result in the employee being required to pay that amount to the College.  The dependent may also be eligible for need-based federal or state aid, institutional need-based or merit aid and/or other off-campus scholarships.  However, the combination of this financial aid coupled with tuition remission cannot exceed the Cost of Education.

Dependent children attending H-SC under the tuition remission program are allowed to participate in one of the approved study abroad programs.

Budget as determined by prevailing institutional aid policies and federal guidelines.  Any financial aid in excess of the Cost of Education Budget must be used to offset the tuition remission allowance