Motor Pool Operations Policy

As a service and convenience to faculty, staff, and students, the College has a pool of vehicles that may be used while traveling on College business.  The Department of Buildings and Grounds maintains the motor pool. 

Reserving and Picking Up a Vehicle

Requests for vehicle reservations may be made by visiting or calling (ext. 6135) the stockroom/motorpool/key area of Buildings and Grounds between 8:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. Monday-Friday. A "Request for College Vehicle Reservation Form" must be completed.  Vehicles may be picked up at the same location during the same hours.  Users will be provided with keys and any other appropriate information necessary. The starting mileage on the vehicle must be noted on the reservation form at the beginning of a trip.

In order to maximize the use of College vehicles, anyone who no longer needs a previously reserved vehicle should notify Buildings and Grounds as soon as possible.  This will allow the vehicle to be returned to the pool for use by other departments.


If a College vehicle is not available, the College will reimburse faculty and staff for the use of their personal vehicle at the established College rate for mileage.  (See:  Insurance Statement Concerning Use of Personal Vehicles for College Business)  Buildings & Grounds personnel may provide the requester with information on rental firms; however, arrangements for rentals are the responsibility of the lessee.  Reimbursement for rentals will be provided by utilizing the College's expense reimbursement report.  (See Travel Expense Reporting Policy)

To minimize the idleness of College vehicles at locations other than on campus, operators are urged to carefully coordinate trips involving airline travel so as not to leave a College vehicle for an extended period of time at an airport or other location.


Employees driving a College-owned or College-leased vehicle to conduct College business are provided coverage under the College's insurance for all damages to the vehicle and any other vehicle or property, should the employee be held responsible for such damages.   Individuals renting or leasing vehicles need not purchase any property or liability coverage from the rental agency.


To drive a College vehicle, drivers must have an appropriate valid operator's license.  Drivers and passengers must wear seat belts in compliance with state law and insurance requirements.  The violation of laws is the responsibility of the operator.

Returning a Vehicle

Vehicles must be returned to the parking lot at Buildings and Grounds as soon as the trip is completed.  Drop off is Monday through Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.  Vehicles returned after normal operating hours or on weekends must be locked and left in the parking lot at Buildings Grounds.  Keys and the reservation form noting the mileage are to be inserted in the slot on the door of the stockroom/motorpool/key area. 

Trash and other debris should be removed from the interior before vehicles are returned.  If a vehicle is returned with an unsatisfactory interior (trash, stains, burns), the departmental account will be assessed a fee for cleaning.  There is no smoking in vehicles.

Upon return of a vehicle, Buildings and Grounds should be made aware of any problems encountered while using the vehicle, or of any maintenance required before the vehicle is used again. 

Mileage and other costs pertaining to use of a College-owned vehicle will be charged to the appropriate department at the end of each month.  Individuals using College vehicles will be asked to provide account numbers or other information to assist in determining the department to be charged.

Safety Procedures for College Vehicles

Use of College vehicles is only for College business and approved activities.  Only authorized individuals may drive College vehicles. 

Each vehicle has a registration card and College insurance card in the glove compartment.  Additional insurance information is posted on the sun visor over the driver.  A sealed box containing a blanket, fire extinguisher, safety triangle, flashlight, first aid kit, and flares is located in the trunk of each car or the cargo area of each van.

Procedures to Follow if an Accident Occurs

Contact police and, if necessary, emergency personnel.

Provide name, address, registration card, insurance card, and other requested information to the police and, if applicable, to other persons involved in the accident.

Make no statements concerning the accident to any persons other than police.

Do not attempt to drive a vehicle with severe damage.  Have the vehicle towed to the nearest appropriate service center. 

If assistance is needed in making decisions regarding the vehicle, contact the College Controller and Assistant Treasurer or the Director of Facility Support at Buildings and Grounds.  Upon return to campus, individuals involved in any accident must contact the Business Manager to provide necessary information and documentation to be forwarded to the College's insurance carrier. 

Parking tickets and moving violations incurred while driving a College-owned vehicle are the responsibility of the individual, not the College.