Harassment and Discrimination Course


To: New Employee
From: Barbara S. Armentrout, Director of Human Resources
Date: Updated January 7, 2013
Subject: Harassment and Discrimination Course



Hampden-Sydney College is committed to a positive work environment, including one free of harassment and discrimination.  To ensure that we all understand our rights and responsibilities regarding appropriate workplace behavior, each employee is expected to complete an online course entitled "Preventing Harassment on Campus." 

I am requesting that you complete the course within the first month of your employment with the College.  It takes approximately 60 to 90 minutes to complete. If you do not have access to a reliable computer or want to be in a quiet place to complete the course, the conference room in Cabell House (where Business Office and Human Resources are located) has a computer setup that you are welcome to use.   The course can only be taken from a computer connected directly to the H-SC campus network.  It cannot be taken from a computer that connects through a dial-up modem. 


Before entering the course, be sure to turn off any pop-up blockers that you may have installed on your computer.  Pop-up blockers can interfere with the proper operation of the course.  (If you do not turn off your pop-up blocker, be sure that you know how to override it when necessary.  You can temporarily override many pop-up blockers by holding down the "control" key when you click on a button or link that opens a pop-up).  It is also a good idea to close any other programs that you have open.

To enter the course, go to the Internet site: http://hsc.elt-inc.com or you may go to the Hampden-Sydney College website - Site Index - Human Resources - Training - Harassment and Discrimination Course. 

Your login information is: 

User Name: is your hsc email (ie. jdoe@hsc.edu)      Password: Welcome

Once you have logged in, you may launch your course directly from the Welcome screen.  You should automatically be enrolled in the appropriate course based on your current position (ie:   Faculty and Supervisor's Edition, or Non-Supervisors' Edition).  Launch your course directly from the Course Contact page.


You are encouraged to take the course straight through.  If necessary, you can exit the course and your place will be saved.  When you return, you will be taken to the section where you left off.

Each page of the course must be completed in full prior to taking the Quiz at the end. 


Upon completion of all the pages and the Quiz, you may exit the program by clicking on the yellow "x" in the top right corner.  It will take you to a page that indicates you have completed the course and offers for you to print a certificate.  THE CERTIFICATE IS NOT REQUIRED.  The Human Resources Office will be monitoring the progress of employees and will be able to verify participation and the date of completion.  We do not need a copy of the certificate.  It is for your record only.


If you have any difficulty entering or using the course, please contact the H-SC Human Resources Office at ext. 6296 or ext. 6220.


This training program is a great resource for harassment and discrimination issues.  Once you have completed the course, you may return to the course at any time to review any or all sections for information and/or advice on a situation that you may find troubling.  We hope that you find the course beneficial.  We appreciate you doing your part to create an atmosphere of professionalism and mutual respect at Hampden-Sydney College.