To continue developing good men and good citizens in an atmosphere of sound learning

President Christopher B. Howard delivering his speech during the Inauguration Ceremony on November 11, 2010.  In front of a packed gymnasium in Kirby Field House, Dr. Howard vowed to continue the Hampden-Sydney tradition of 'forming good men and good citizens in an atmosphere of sound learning' as he leads the College into the future.


Presidential Address

Ken Burns

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Ken Burns with President Howard Ken Burns has lunch with students in Settle Hall
Dr. Howard with Ken Burns, award-winning director and producer, at the screening from a selection of his documentary films
Ken Burns having lunch with students in Settle Hall
Flyover by Lt. Col. Erickson The trophy retained
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Join us through the coming academic year as we look at the College's role as a significant element in the national discourse.

Hampden-Sydney College is a NATIONAL TREASURE. As a liberal arts college for men, it assures pluralism in higher education.  Its educational experience engages, challenges, and draws the best from young men.  The College embodies the heritage of honor, civility, and enterprise that make possible the full benefits of democracy and capitalism.  The vital national role of "good men and good citizens," recognized by the Founders in 1775, is exemplified by generation after generation of Hampden-Sydney Men.

Hampden-Sydney's REGIONAL FOUNDATION is the heartland of Virginia, whose social and economic order produced men who fought for American independence and established the institutions of a new nation. This same society endorsed slavery and a concept of states-rights that divided the country and plunged it into a civil war that ended at Appomattox only thirty miles from the college.  A century later, the Civil Rights Movement, with roots in Prince Edward County, helped create a new inclusive society in which Hampden-Sydney Men play a leading role.

Although the buildings of Hampden-Sydney stand in rural Virginia and our traditions are firmly rooted in the College's history, the GLOBAL OUTLOOK of the Hampden-Sydney Man extends well beyond this Commonwealth and this Nation.  In their origins and in their destinations, Hampden-Sydney Men reflect the world.  In their studies and in their work Hampden-Sydney Men engage the world.

Hampden-Sydney College gratefully acknowledges the generosity of Aramark Educational Services, LLC and PepsiCo, Inc. and the over two dozen trustees, alumni, and friends of the College whose gifts to the Inauguration covered most of the expenses.