About Hampden-Sydney College

Hampden-Sydney College aerial view

Hampden-Sydney College has been forming good men and good citizens since 1775. Thanks to legendary codes of honor and conduct, a celebrated 40-year-old rhetoric program, and a contemporary liberal arts education featuring supportive, yet exacting faculty, Hampden-Sydney men graduate with the courage to do what is right, the ability to express themselves confidently, and the skill to develop creative solutions for complex problems. In small classes, and within a lasting brotherhood, Hampden-Sydney men embrace challenges in and out of the classroom, learn to lead by assuming responsibility, and develop the self-awareness necessary for forging unique paths. Since before the American Revolution, Hampden-Sydney College has been transforming young men into the best possible versions of themselves, with the moral strength and intellectual capacity to be leaders in the workplace and in their communities.

Located on a 1,300-acre campus in Virginia's beautiful Southside, Hampden-Sydney is one of the oldest colleges in the United States. Charter trustees included Patrick Henry and James Madison; William Henry Harrison was a member of the class of 1791. Ninety-four percent of Hampden-Sydney graduates complete their degree in four years, and the College's alumni network has been ranked among the strongest in the country.