Active and Collaborative Learning (NSSE Benchmark)

Students learn more when they are highly involved in their education and asked to think about what they are learning in different settings. Collaborating with others in solving problems or mastering difficult material prepares students for the messy, unscripted problems they will encounter daily during and after college. The NSSE selected several survey items that assess active and collaborative learning.

What NSSE suggests

The following reproduces the mean data from the NSSE results for Hampden-Sydney as well as two comparison groups.

Summary:  First-year Hampden-Sydney students are on par with students at all the NSSE respondent schools but slightly below the other baccalaureate granting colleges in the degree to which they engage in active and collaborative learning. However, as seniors Hampden-Sydney students rate their degree of active and collaborative learning higher than do those students from both of the comparison groups, and statistically significantly so when compared to the total NSSE comparison group.  

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