Enriching Educational Experiences (NSSE Benchmark)

Complementary learning opportunities enhance academic programs. Diverse experiences teach students valuable things about themselves and others. Technology facilitates collaboration between peers and instructors. Internships, community service, and senior capstone courses provide opportunities to integrate and apply knowledge. The NSSE asks students about these enriching experiences.

What NSSE suggests

The following reproduces the mean data from the NSSE results for Hampden-Sydney as well as two comparison groups.

Summary:  With respect to their participation in enriching educational experiences, first-year Hampden-Sydney students are on par with students at other baccalaureate granting colleges, but ahead of the population of NSSE respondent schools. However, there are substantial and statistically significant differences between seniors at Hampden-Sydney and those from the other comparison groups, with the Hampden-Sydney seniors taking advantage of enriching educational experiences at levels far above the levels reported by other students.

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