Good Men and Good Citizens (H-SC Benchmark)

It is the mission of Hampden-Sydney College to "form good men and good citizens in an atmosphere of sound learning." Good citizenship involves development of, among other things, "a comprehension of social institutions as a basis for intelligent citizenship and responsible leadership in a democracy." We want our graduates to "apply their knowledge and skills as responsible citizens," and to "recognize and understand major social, political, and philosophical debates and strive to make substantial contributions to them."  To assess these goals Hampden-Sydney College has assembled five NSSE survey items that directly comment on forming "good men and good citizens."

The following reproduces the mean data from the NSSE results for Hampden-Sydney as well as two comparison groups.

Summary:  In those indicators of citizenship and contributions as citizens, Hampden-Sydney students outperform their counterparts at other baccalaureate-granting arts and sciences colleges as well as from all of the NSSE-reporting schools, both as first-year students and as seniors. Moreover, we see greater gain from first-year to senior-year among the Hampden-Sydney students than in the other comparison groups.


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