Student-Faculty Interaction (NSSE Benchmark)

At Hampden-Sydney College, we pride ourselves in our low teacher-to-student ratio. We believe that the interaction with faculty, both in and out of the classroom, provides positive role models and academic mentors for students as they tackle challenging subjects and new environments. To gauge their experience, students are asked questions like how often they have discussed grades or class work with their professors and whether or not they have worked on a research project with a professor.

NSSE Student Faculty Interaction

Summary:  Both first-year students and seniors at Hampden-Sydney College rate their degree of interaction with faculty members significantly higher than both comparison groups. Moreover, not only do they engage in greater interaction with their professors from the outset, they show an even greater increase in their interactions with faculty from first-year to senior year than students at the other baccalaureate-granting schools and from all of the NSSE respondent schools.