Supportive Campus Environment (NSSE Benchmark)

Students perform better and are more satisfied at colleges that are committed to the success and cultivate positive working and social relations among different groups on campus.  The NSSE identified six survey items that directly address this important college feature.

What NSSE suggests

The following reproduces the mean data from the NSSE results for Hampden-Sydney as well as two comparison groups.

Summary:  The experience of a supportive campus environment is clearly indicated by both first-year and senior Hampden-Sydney students. Both first-year students and seniors rate this environment significantly higher than students at other baccalaureate granting colleges as well as from the population of NSSE respondent schools. Moreover, the sense of a supportive campus environment maintains and even increases from the first-year to the senior year at Hampden-Sydney College, while both of the other comparison groups show a decrease in means of their seniors relative to their first-year students.