Leadership Plan

The 4-Year Leadership Plan will help you navigate a path toward realizing your leadership potential. By defining the unique opportunities that each year of college has to offer, you will identify your strengths, act on and develop them, and put them into practice as you serve the Hampden-Sydney community and beyond.

Identify. Explore.

In your first year at H-SC, explore your interests and identify your leadership strengths. Get involved. Discover other leaders on campus and seek a mentor or coach. Begin mapping your path with goals. The following list can get you started:

Experiment. Apply.

Sophomore year is a critical one in developing your 4-year plan. Not only is this the year you will declare a major, but you also have the opportunity to apply for Hampden-Sydney's unique leadership programs and run for office:

Implement. Hone.

During your junior year, you can realize your potential by practicing your leadership skills and determining where your strengths exist. Confidently take on campus responsibilities and serve office:

Lead. Share.

As a senior at Hampden-Sydney, you inherently become a leader to the underclassmen through your knowledge, self-confidence, and integrity. You are preparing to make your impact on the world while developing lifelong skills and friendships, integral to a successful leader.