Men's Studies QEP Scholar

Michael James Lecker is a Visiting Assistant Professor of the Humanities and the 2013-2014 Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) scholar. His position combines Hampden-Sydney College’s initiative initiatives for the study of men and masculinities with the with the existing QEP initiative, “Preparing Good Men and Great Leaders for a Culturally Diverse World.” His courses include “Superheroes & Psychos: Masculinity in the Media,” “Men on the Hill: Introduction to Ethnography,” and “That’s Not Natural: Masculinity, Nature, and the Rural,” as well as the spring symposium course on the topic of “Masculinity and Creativity.” 
Michael is a PhD candidate in the Cultural Studies Program at George Mason University. His dissertation, tentatively titled, “Queer World Making: The Practice of Radical Faerie Culture” is an ethnographic examination of the US Radical Faerie phenomenon. In it he explores Radical Faeries as a sustained and continual queer cultural practice, particularly examining the creation of urban and rural spaces, genealogies, and kinship across the lesbian, gay bisexual, trans, and queer generational divide created by ageism and the AIDS crisis. 
Michael has published articles and chapters on military advertisements in comic books, the ethics of gay and lesbian biographies, and a queer reading of the X-Men. He is also the 2013 grant recipient through the University of Minnesota’s Elmer L. Andersen Research Scholars Program. His research interests include queer theory, lesbigay studies, cultural studies, mass culture, and theories of space.