"Honor This Hill"

March 30 - April 24, 2010
by: Jamin Riley & Nathan Ryalls
Honor This Hill

Hampden-Sydney College has been forming good men and good citizens since 1775. Dedication to God, country, and alma mater embody the Hampden-Sydney mission statement and the qualities of the men she produces. The following individuals exemplify those characteristics, and we believe that their stories are worthy of being told.

When dedicating a portrait of Dr. W. H. Whiting, Jr., John Bryan Cunningham 1920 prayed: "May [this portrait's] influence serve as a light to pierce each passing eclipse which your future history may hazard. May it help to keep your sons on the high road of truth so that, with clearer vision, they may lift up their eyes unto the Everlasting Hills." May these photographs of Hampden-Sydney men light the path for future students to continue in her mission.

The exhibit is the result of the HIST 495 Independent Study class, An Introduction to Museum Practices.  The class was taught by Professor Caroline Emmons, as instructor of record, with additional instructors Professor Mary Prevo and Atkinson Museum Curator Angela Way.

The course included weekly meetings to discuss readings in the museum field and culminated with this project for the College Museum.