Museum Program Board

Mr. Frank B. Atkinson

Mr. S. Edward Ayres '66
Mr. W. Glenn Culley

Dr. Caroline Emmons

Mr. Conley L.
Mrs. Barbara Howard
Dr. Dale Jones
Ms. Anita H. Garland
Mr. J. Hugh Haskins
Mr. Richard C. McClintock

Ms. Mary Prevo

Dr. Charles Pearson

Rev. William Thompson

Mr. Nathan Ryallis
















The following board members have served at least twelve years or four three-year terms and have been elected to emeritus status:
Patrick H. Booth, Jr. '42
Robert T. Jerome
Katherine T. Long
Marian K. Martin (Chairman, 1989-1995)
William W. Porterfield
Kaye B. Spalding (Chairman, 1995-1998)
S. Bruce Spencer '37
Elizabeth W. Whitehouse (Chairman, 1986-1989) 

Board By-Laws