Museum Board Mission and By-laws


The mission of the Esther Atkinson Museum is to promote an awareness and understanding of the history of Hampden-Sydney College as it relates to its role in the history of Virginia and the United States, while serving to support and enhance the College's mission to form good men and good citizens in an atmosphere of sound learning.


The Mission of the Esther Thomas Atkinson Museum Program Board is to assist the Museum Director in programming, marketing, public relations, and long-range planning. 



Section I:         The name of this organization shall be the Program Board of the EstherThomas Atkinson Museum of Hampden-Sydney College, hereinafter called the Board.

Section II:       The principal Office of the Board shall be located at Hampden-Sydney College, Hampden-Sydney, Virginia.


Section I:         The purpose of this organization is:

  • To advise the President of the College on the appointment of the Director, who shall be responsible to the President.
  • To assist the Museum Director in programming, marketing, public relations, and long-range planning.
  • To promote and maintain the relationship between the Museum and the community.



Section I:         The Board shall consist of eight (8) active members. Whenever possible, the Board will include individuals with expertise in Academic and Student Relations; Community and Area Outreach; Programs and Exhibits; Marketing and Public Relations, Research and Publications; and Planning and Development.

Section II:       The term of membership shall be four years.  A Board Member must remain off the Board for a period of one year before becoming eligible to serve another term.  Exception: if a member was appointed to fill a vacant term of two years or less, the member is eligible for immediate appointment to a full term.

Section III:      All the Board members shall attend the regular and special meetings.  If unable to attend any regular meeting, or any special meeting of which they have notice, they shall promptly report the fact to the Museum Director.  Any member failing to attend or to give a satisfactory excuse for non-attendance for two consecutive meetings, including special meetings of which there was timely notice, shall be deemed to have vacated the office.

Section IV:      Members are appointed by the President of the College, ordinarily from nominations submitted by the Museum Program Board.

Section V:       The following shall serve as ex-officio members of the Board:

  • Vice President for Administration
  • Director of Museum
  • Chair of the Faculty Lectures & Program Committee
  • Director of College Events
  • Director of Constituent Relations
  • Planned Giving Officer

The President of the College may appoint other College officials as ex-officio members at his discretion.



Section I:         The Officers:

  • The officers of the Board shall be elected for a term of one year at the spring meeting.  Officers are eligible for reelection unless they are ineligible for election to another term on the Board.  
  • Nominations for officers shall be determined by the Nominating Committee. Nominations shall also be accepted from the floor. 
  • Officers shall be elected by majority vote of the Board Members present and voting, and shall take office upon approval of the President of the College.

The three (3) officers of the Board shall be:

  • The Chairman
  • The Vice-Chairman
  • The Secretary

Section II:       Duties of the Officers:           

A.  The Chairman shall:

  • Convene and preside at all meetings
  • Appoint chairs and members to committees, special task forces, and editors of publications
  • Act as liaison with administration of the College
  • Represent the Board publicly

B.   The Vice-Chairman shall:

  • Convene and preside at meetings in the absence of the Chairman
  • Succeed to the office of Chairman in the case that the Chairman is unable to finish serving his/her full term.

C.   The Secretary shall:

  • Prepare and circulate minutes of the meetings of the Board 
  • Prepare all legal documents pertaining to the Board
  • Prepare other necessary records, documentation or correspondence at the direction of the Board



Section I:         The Board shall meet quarterly.  Meeting dates for the subsequent academic year shall be set no later than the final quarterly meeting of the prior year.



Section I:         These By-laws may be amended by a majority vote of the members of the Museum Board.  All proposed amendments must be mailed to the members of the Museum Board at least two weeks prior to the meeting at which they are to be voted on.