Student Board By-Laws


Section I: The name of this organization shall be the Student Museum Board of the Esther Thomas Atkinson Museum of Hampden-Sydney College, hereinafter called the Board.

Section II: The principal Office of the Board shall be located at Hampden-Sydney College, Virginia.

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Section I: The purpose of this organization is:

A. To promote an awareness and appreciation of the museum in the College community, and its unique role in the educational mission of the College.

B. To promote an understanding of the history of the College, and the community in which it exists; from the arrival of the Presbyterians in this region (ca 1770) until present day; with special emphasis on the birth of the College (1775), the Union Theological Seminary, and the New College (1820), through nineteenth century.

C. To preserve the history of the College by assisting the Curator with maintaining and managing the museum's collections.

D. To provide educational work opportunities for those students planning to enter the field of history, preservation, or continue their education in Museum Studies.

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Section I: The Board membership shall have no established limit.

Section II: The term of appointment shall be one year. A Board Member is eligible to complete consecutive terms contingent on adequate past performance.

Section III: All Board Members shall attend the regular and special meetings. If unable to attend any regular meeting, or any special meeting of which they have notice, they shall promptly report the fact to the Secretary and/or Chairman. Any member failing to attend and give a satisfactory excuse for non-attendance for more than half of the meetings, including special meetings of which he had timely notice shall be deemed to have vacated the office.

Section IV: Members are appointed by the Student Museum Board Chairman, with advice and consent of the Museum Director.

Section V: Individuals seeking nomination must complete a nomination form, provide at least two references, and participate in a personal interview conducted by either, or both, the Museum Director and Chairman.

Section VI: The following shall serve as ex-officio members of the Board:

  • Director of Museum 
  • Any Member of the Advisory Board

The Chairman of the Board and Director may also appoint other College and Student officials as ex-officio members at his/her discretion.

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Section I: The Officers:

A. The officers of the Board shall be elected and appointed for a term of one year. Officers are eligible for reelection.

B. Nominations for officers shall be determined by the Chairman and the Director/Curator.

C. Officers shall be appointed by the Advisory Board as advised by Director/Curator. The Chairman will have ultimate discretionary authority to appoint and dismiss any officer and/or Board Member, as he deems necessary.

D. The three (3) officers of the Board shall be:

  • The Chairman
  • The Vice-Chairman
  • The Secretary

Section II: Duties of the Officers:

A. The Chairman shall:

  • Convene and preside at all meetings.
    Appoint chairs and members to committees, special task forces, and other special activities.
  • Act as a liaison with the Director/Curator.
  • Represent the Board publicly.
  • Maintain and coordinate correspondence with the members of the Board.
  • Make and enforce the rules, which govern the Board.
  • Assist the curator when necessary.
  • Recruit new membership.

B. The Vice-Chairman shall:

  • Convene and preside at meeting in the absence of the Chairman.
  • Succeed to the office of Chairman in the case that the Chairman is unable to finish serving his full term.
  • Succeed to the office of Chairman the following year with the approval of the Director/Curator and the incumbent Chairman.
  • Assist the Director/Curator and Chairman when necessary or requested.
  • Assist Chairman in recruiting new membership.

C. The Secretary shall:

  • Arrange meetings and notify Board members of meetings as requested by the Chairman or Vice-Chairman.
  • Prepare and circulate minutes of the meetings of the Board and Executive Committee.
  • Prepare all documents pertaining to the Board including, but not limited to, necessary records, documentation, or correspondence at the direction of the Board.

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Section I: There shall be the following committees of the Board:

A. The Administrative Committee
B. The Education/Interpretation Committee 
C. The Collections Committee

Section II: Duties of the Committees:

A. The Administrative Committee: membership shall be composed of at least four (4) persons: The Chairman, The Vice-Chairman, The Secretary, and the Director of the Museum. 

  • Conduct the business of the Board between meetings.
  • Set agenda for meetings.

B. The Education/Interpretation Committee: membership shall not have an established limit. Members should have a basic knowledge about the history of Hampden-Sydney College. Members of this committee are required to volunteer at least one hour per week.

  • Provide guided tours.
  • Sponsors and attends lectures and programs
  • Assist with research

C. The Collections Committee: membership shall not have an established limit. Members should be knowledgeable about general cataloguing procedures (but it is not mandatory), and must be well organized and detail-oriented. Members of this committee are required to volunteer at least one hour per week.

  • Assist Curator by cataloging collections, data entry, digital imaging, and helping to process new accessions. 
  • Aid in the set-up and maintenance of the temporary exhibit(s) housed in the East Gallery.

* Members of this committee will also be expected to assist with guided tours if needed.

Section III: Special Committees:

May be appointed by the Chairman as deemed necessary. The Chairs and
members of such committees shall be appointed by the Chairman of the Board.

Section IV: Quorum:

The quorum shall be a majority of its members.

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Section I: The Board shall meet at least semiannually, ordinarily once in the fall and once in the spring. Meetings shall ordinarily be scheduled in September and January.

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Section II: The Committees shall meet as needed.


Section I: These By-Laws may be amended by a quorum of voting members of the Board. All proposed amendments must be mailed to the members of the Board at least a week prior to the meeting at which they are to be voted on.

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