Emailing Constituents

Hampden-Sydney uses MailChimp®, an email marketing service provider, when sending emails to all of our constituent groups. The College made this change to ensure each department is complying with federal and state laws regarding digital communication such as email.

MailChimp® also allows you to track the performance of your emails as well as quickly print and share these reports with others.

Free MailChimp® accounts allow you to send 12,000 emails to 2,000 subscribers per month for free with no contracts and no credit card required.  

Below are how-to videos which will walk you through using MailChimp® for your email needs. These videos do not include audio, but do include visual annotations that will explain what is occurring. Videos should be watched in their entirety prior to attempting to complete the actions. You may find it helpful to pause the video to allow enough time to fully read some of the annotations.

General Information

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