Poster Hanging Guidelines

Appendix M. Notices and Signs of The Key: Student Handbook:

Unauthorized Removal and/or Destruction of Signs, Posters, or Notices

Any unauthorized removal and/or any defacement or destruction of such items is punishable under the Code of Student Conduct, Section Ⅲ.A.13, Property Damage, Misuse.

Time, Place, and Manner of Posting Notices on Campus

  1. Timing
    1. Normally, the posting of notices regarding upcoming programs and events or signs related to elections and political campaigns and events should occur no more than three weeks before the occasion.
    2. All notices, posters, etc., related to such events should be taken down by the responsible agent within 24 hours after the event. The College reserves the right to take down such items as soon as the event has concluded.
  2. Specific Rules
    1. No placing of a sign or poster over an item already in place.
    2. No placement on trees, fences, or the columns of buildings.
    3. No placement on property not owned by the College, or on College land (e.g., posters on stakes) unless specific permission is given by the Director of Communications, at least 48 hours in advance of the event or intended date of posting.
    4. No stapling, nailing, or the like to wood surfaces (e.g. doors). Thumbtacks on bulletin boards and masking tape on smooth surfaces are required.
    5. Posters may be hung on the exterior doors of all residence halls and academic buildings. They may not be hung on exterior doors of Atkinson Hall, Atkinson Museum, Bortz Library, Cabell House, College Church, Graham Hall, Johns Auditorium, Kirk Athletic Center, Kirby Field House, Settle Hall, or the Wilson Center.
    6. Posters may be hung on public bulletin boards in Bagby Hall, Gilmer Hall, Graham Hall, the Maples, Morton Hall, and Winston Hall.


Any sign or notice, whatever its purpose, should be consistent with Guidelines for Generating Publicity Materials.

Major Events

For political rallies, televised events, symposia, and noted speakers-those occasions which have an impact college-wide and beyond: special arrangements for publicity and the event must be established at least 15 business days in advance, unless the timing is such as to make that unworkable. Initial contact should be made with the Director of Communications, who will work with the responsible person directly or make a referral to another College official.

No posters, placards, or demonstrations are allowed in or around the site of a major event, unless prior approval is granted by the Vice President for Administration, the Dean of Students, and the Director of Communications.