Publicity Materials Guidelines

Guidelines for Generating Publicity Materials

In generating posters or other publicity to promote your event, please consider the appropriateness of the visual imagery and text for a professional work/study environment.

Things to consider:

  • Are the images and text on my poster appropriate for a public workplace/community comprised of students, faculty, staff, children, and campus guests?
  • If my poster includes representations of people, are the images free from negative stereotyping?  Do they represent all people with dignity and respect?
  • Have I included language inclusive of all potential viewers, regardless of race, religion, national or ethnic origin, age, sex, disability, sexual orientation, status as a veteran, or any other classification protected by local, state or federal law?
  • If using humor in my publicity materials, have I avoided jokes or innuendoes that may be  offensive to viewers?  Have I avoided humor at someone else's expense?
  • Have I included images and text that pertain directly to my event? That is, have I avoided sensationalist images/text designed solely to shock or provoke?

Thank you for your thoughtful consideration. The intent of the voluntary "publicity materials guidelines" mirrors the intent of the College's Harassment and Discrimination Policy.