Social Media Policy

As of October 8, 2013

1. Social Media Policy
In order to protect the interest of the College and it’s community, Hampden-Sydney has decided that:

  • comments from constituents made on official College posts do not reflect the opinion of Hampden-Sydney College;
  • we do not use or allow comments that contain hate language;
  • we do not allow posts that would be offensive to a reasonable person;
  • we do not use or allow profanity, or placeholders of profanity, in posts or their equivalent;
  • we encourage reasonable dialogue and civil discourse that offers a balanced perspective and multiple points of view;
  • we do not allow language that disparages others based on race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national or ethnic origin, age, disability, sex, status as a veteran, or any other classifications protected by local, state, or federal law;
  • We do not allow comments that are personal attacks on members of the H-SC community;
  • we reserve the right to take down and report to relevant authorities posts that we deem hateful, inappropriate, threatening to oneself or others, or misleading;
  • we reserve the right to take down and report to the relevant authorities posts that in our purview are no longer relevant or useful.

Emergency communication is an extension of H-SC social media, and the following regulations apply to the use of social media for emergency communications:

  • the director of social media will communicate ENS messages via @HSC1776 and the primary H-SC Facebook page when necessary;

General communication guidelines already in place which also apply to social media:

  • members of the Hampden-Sydney community who manage social media channels on behalf of the College are not official spokespersons;
  • all posts made on Hampden-Sydney social media outlets are not official College statements unless approved by the Communications Office and explicitly stated in the post;
  • Thomas Shomo, Director of Communications and Marketing, is Hampden-Sydney’s official spokesperson;
  • if you are unsure about whether or not a social media post will be mistakenly viewed as an official announcement from H-SC, check first with the Communications Office at (434) 223-6262;
  • sensitive topics are communicated only when and by such means as are determined and cleared by the Director of Communication;
  • be cautious about posts related to condolences, individual tragedies, personal and private concerns, etc.

2. Oversight of Social Media on Campus
The Social Media Advisory Team provides oversight of the use of social media on campus and consulting on the use of social media for strategic communication. Members of the Social Media Advisory Team currently include:

  • John Dudley '95, Director of Social and Digital Marketing
  • Thomas Shomo ‘69, Director of Communications and Marketing
  • Scott Harris, Assistant Sports Information Director
  • May Reed, Assistant to the Director, Wilson Center for Leadership in the Public Interest
  • Becca Snyder, Associate Director, Career Education and Vocational Reflection
  • Ann Cassell, Director of Development

3. College Response to Erroneous Social Chatter
Hampden-Sydney College reserves the right to address any discussion on any social media outlet bearing any name or device trademarked by the College. Our goal in addressing these discussions is to provide correct information. In such cases the College will comment on these posts and encourage those active in the discussion to visit a site housed on the H-SC website that outlines the official College stance. All official College statements must be approved by Tommy Shomo ’69, Director of Communications and Marketing. The College reserves the right to put up and take down these pages at its discretion. The Director of Social Media and Director of Communications and Marketing will decide when such a response to College issues is necessary.

4. Policy Changes
At Hampden-Sydney we’re committed to on-going improvement of our services in an effort to bring value to our constituents. For this reason, we reserve the right to change this policy at any time without notice. You are responsible for reviewing this Policy from time to time for such changes.

Hampden-Sydney College Social Media Strategy

This policy was last updated October 8, 2013.