Publications and Style Manual


Please refer to the Style Manual for more information.

Lead Time: The Communications Office produces about 1000 print jobs for the College each year with a limited staff. To make sure we have enough time to devote to your project, we ask that you factor lead time into your printing plans. For small jobs that will be printed on-site, usually 2 weeks before you want the job in your hands is sufficient lead time. Jobs that will be printed off-site due to size, complexity or specialty will need longer lead times. If you have questions about when to set up a job, contact Kevin Tuck at ext. 6394 or

Initiating an Order: All orders must be placed through Kevin Tuck (ext. 6394, He will collect the information necessary to put the job on the production schedule. He will then assign your job to a designer, with whom you will work to develop your project.

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The official font of Hampden-Sydney College is Garamond.

The official colors of Hampden-Sydney College:

Pantone grey 429
Pantone red 202

Please refer to the Style Manual for more information

For permission to use any trademark of Hampden-Sydney College contact

Thomas Shomo, ext. 6262,
Director of Marketing and Communications

Glenn Culley, ext. 6216,
Vice President for Business Affairs and Treasurer


Documents:  Save As .pdf  
Photos:  Save As .tif or .jpg

To save the integrity of your formatting and to avoid font compatibility, we recommend you bring files in a .pdf format (.tif or .jpg for photos).

Many programs will allow you to Save As a .pdf.  If you have trouble doing that, contact Jennifer Cochrane at ext. 6393 or

PRINT COSTS (subject to change):



1-100 prints

$.40 each



101+ prints

$.30 each



1-100 prints

$.90 each



101+ prints

$.60 each




$.05 each




$.10 each


The Communications Office offers steel spine binding. The process takes about 15 minutes. Most spines cost under $1.00.

(For assistance with comb binding, please see the academic secretary in Gilmer Hall or Morton Hall.)