Darden Trent Copeland '17

Darden Trent Copeland '17History Major

Darden Trent Copeland, Hampden-Sydney College Class of 2017, worked with the financial aid staff to find scholarships to make H-SC affordable...

"H-SC's sticker price was daunting, but the financial aid staff spent a lot of time with my mom and me to identify scholarships-even some that weren't offered by H-SC-to make it affordable.

After seeing the College on a sunny Friday in November during my junior year of high school, I just wanted to be a part of it. I loved the close-knit atmosphere. It's hard to describe; come visit and you'll see. H-SC prepares men for success in life.

The level of contact between students and professors is astounding; it creates the perfect environment for learning. I believe the education I'm getting is priceless because it reinforces values along with knowledge. The ideals I'm striving for, such as honor, integrity, and diligence, will serve me for the rest of my life."

Major: History
Minor: Rhetoric
Extracurricular: Phi Gamma Delta fraternity, Phi Alpha Delta Pre-Law fraternity