Tillmon E. Cook '18

Tillmon E. Cook '18Mathematics Major

Tillmon E. Cook, Hampden-Sydney College Class of 2018, knows that the education, the character-development, and alumni networking at H-SC are worth the investment...

"Cost was a consideration for me. My parents and I realized, though, that the value I would gain through the education, the character-development, and alumni networking, and many other facets of H-SC, were worth my family's stretching to make it work financially.

I didn't know much about H-SC at first, but I knew guys who went there and were successful after graduating. I thought to myself, "I want to succeed," so I decided to learn more. Students and faculty share a strong connection here. I can go to my professors any time with questions about everything from what we're learning in class to life in general. Hampden-Sydney is definitely a good investment."

Major: Undeclared, but interested in Applied Math
Extracurricular: Club Baseball, Outsiders Club, Baptist Collegiate Ministries, Peer Advisor, French Club