H-SC Circle K Chartering: A New Path

October 14, 2010
Basil A. Panton '12

After almost twenty years of "slumber," as Dean Klein called it, CKI of H-SC is re-energized to continue "to serve on the campus and in the community." 

The service organization's activities on campus and involvement in the community started in February 2010, but the club was officially re-chartered on Thursday, September 30, 2010.  During this event, CKI of H-SC also inducted its faculty advisor, Dr. Rachel Goodman, and thirty founding members.

ParkerIn his opening remarks, President of the Lynchburg Kiwanis Club, Peter Parker, lauded the group's efforts in reaching out to the community of Farmville and implementing programs on the Hampden-Sydney campus such as Throw Out, Blow Out.  President Parker said of the mother organization, the Lynchburg Kiwanis Club, "I will not tell you how to run your group. I will not tell you where to volunteer or in what programs or projects you should place your interest," but "I will be there to answer your questions when you ask them" and to guide you along the way. 

Brian Confrancesco of the University of Virginia, newly-elected governor for the Capital District of which CKI of H-SC belongs, promised that during his tenure he will work with CKI of H-SC to realize any goals that the club establishes.

CKI of HSC was then presented an award by a representative of March of Dimes.  CKI of H-SC earned the award for raising the most money in the country for babies born with March of Dimes Award Presentationdefects.  The representative emphasized the significance of the prize and that the CKI of H-SC beat such large schools as the University of Virginia and the Universities of Maryland and Pennsylvania. 

There followed by an uplifting and inspiring keynote address by our own Dr. David Klein, Dean of Students at Hampden-Sydney.  Dr. Klein began by pointing out that there were two individuals more worthy to speak to the group than he -- Tulane Patterson '78 for his unending desire to restart a Circle K at Hampden Sydney and the late Professor Lee Cohen who served as faculty adviser of CKI of H-SC when the club was facing its decline.  Both men, Dr. Klein stated, were passionate fellows of Circle K at H-SC.

Dr. Klein pressed the students to get involved and give back.  He used a powerful story of a student who travelled to the Dominican Republic through the Beyond the Hill program.  The student, Dr. Klein related, cried tears of joy while he was helping to better other lives.  That is one of the effects volunteerism has on individuals, providing moments of understanding that doing Kleinsomething good for someone else brings satisfaction, which invigorates you to want to give more.  Dr. Klein made it clear that one of the objects of Kiwanis Club states the most important premise of giving, "to give primacy to the human and spiritual rather than to the material values of life."

Following the address by Dr. Klein and the induction of members and installation of officers, President Forrest made his closing remarks.  He asserted that it is easier for CKI to function at Hampden-Sydney because its tenets of volunteerism and furthering the lives of others fall in line with H-SC's mission "to form good men and good citizens," who continue to contribute to the improvement of those around them.

After President Forrest's charge, Colin Nickerson, newly-elected Secretary of CKI of H-SC, thanked all the attendees.  The secretary was especially grateful to Mikail Clark of Liberty University, the newly-elected lieutenant governor, and Nicole Skellie of Randolph, the outgoing lieutenant governor, for their tremendous support in overseeing the reintroduction of CKI of H-SC.  

President Forrest used this occasion to recognize four founding members who either have been at all meetings, participated in all voluntary projects, or contributed to the club in unmatched ways. The members are Cameron Adam '12, Chairperson of Service Initiative; Tag Grenga '12, Chairperson of Public relations; Tim Shen '12, Co-chairperson for Membership Recruitment; and Marsh Schlegel '12.

Forrest and ParkerPreceding the acknowledgement of the members, all rose to and repeated the pledge of Circle K. After the presentation of awards, the ceremony ended in its traditional style with President Forrest using his gavel to announce the adjournment.