H-SC Circle K Marches for Babies Worldwide

July 19, 2010
by Basil Panton ’11

The H-SC Circle K International was once one of the most active service groups on campus. Its period of greatest activity began in the 1960s and ended in the early 1990s when a particularly involved group of men graduated.  The club went dormant until last semester when Assistant Dean of Students for Activities and Organizations John Ramsay and Osric Forrest, a Key Clubber from high school in Jamaica, sat down and had multiple discussions about reinstating the club.  The process was supported by alumnus Tulane Patterson '78 who was a stalwart of the H-SC Circle K when he attend the College.  After semester break in December, Dean Ramsay gave the go ahead.  Circle K was reintroduced on campus in February 2010.

In its brief existence as a re-chartered service club, Circle K International of H-SC under President Osric Forrest ’12 and his leadership team -- Vice-Presidents James Ward ’11 and Kevin Anderson ’12, Treasurer Walter Anderson ’12, Secretary Arne Ulbrich ’11, and a group of chairmen for areas such as service planning and membership recruiting -- has already established itself as one of the leading service organizations on campus.  In only three months, the club was involved in the Farmville Library opening; was instrumental in the end of semester Throw Out, Blow Out; coordinated the book drive and a clothes drive on campus; participated in the March of Dimes for Babies; and was involved in a number of other service initiatives in Farmville.  Also, the Club ended the semester with a cook out for its members and others who were interested in being a part of the H-SC Circle K family.

Circle KPerhaps the greatest achievement of the H-SC Circle K International this past semester was that the club raised the most money of all Circle K organizations in the world for the March of Dimes.  The Club raised over two thousand and five hundred dollars.  This success was made possible through a number of sources.  On the recommendation of Dr. Rachel Goodman, adviser for H-SC Circle K, the members raised money online by asking families, friends, and acquaintances to make donations.  The members also solicited contributions from their fellow students, professors, and campus staff.   By the middle of April, the club surpassed its expectations for fundraising thanks to the Service Initiative Chairman, Cameron Adams ’12.  The donations went to the March of Dimes Foundation, an organization that uses the money to support community programs that aid mothers to have healthy, full-term pregnancies.  The March of Dimes also funds research on birth defects.

In celebration of its donation, on April 25th the H-SC Circle K club joined other members of the Farmville community for the annual March for Babies, begun in 1970.  The walk was more than five miles around Farmville and highlighted the needs of more than half a million babies born prematurely each year.

The Circle K Members would like to thank the college community for the support it has given the organization this year.  Without your generosity the project would not have been successful. For the upcoming academic year, with the same leadership team, the Club looks forward to another successful year and hopes to partner with other service groups on campus to affect meaningful changes in and around Farmville.