Philanthropy Week 2010

February 22, 2010

Philanthropy Week helps Hampden-Sydney students understand the College's business model and discover the philanthropy that makes it work.  Philanthropy Week provides an opportunity for answering questions such as:

    How can the College operate when tuition and fees cover only 54.7% of the budget?
Miss Dottie    How much revenue does the endowment produce during a given year?
    Where does the money funding my scholarship come from?
    How many students are on scholarship?
    How is the percentage of alumni giving calculated, and how is it used?
    When am I considered an alumnus?
    What can I do to enhance the value of my Hampden-Sydney diploma?

Philanthropy Week is a time when students are encouraged to participate as the College’s youngest philanthropists and learn how even modest gifts can send a message and make a difference.

The Class of 2010 has begun fundraising for a scholarship in honor of Mrs. Dottie Fahrner, which will be awarded to a deserving student with financial aid in 2011-12.

Members of the Campaign Committee and other volunteers will be asking each and every member of the student body to join them in this effort.

You’ll be asked to join in sharing our thanks with all those who selflessly give in order for us to enjoy the Hampden-Sydney experience in this atmosphere of sound learning that is so unlike any other.

President Howard on Philanthropy Week