S. jackdanieli: A New Species

March 02, 2010

Dr. Bill ShearYour mother no doubt told you that no good would come of whiskey and that those who hung around distilleries would never be famous.  Now, your mother was right about people but not about lesser species.

A paper by Dr. William Shear, Hampden-Sydney Trinkle Professor of Biology, published today by Zootaxa , the electronic mega-journal of systematic biology, describes a new species that was collected on the grounds of the Jack Daniel distillery in Lynchburg, TN.   Dr. Shear has named the millipede S. jackdanieli.  The species was discovered in Motlow Cave, a former commercial cave, about 600 yards from the famous Jack Daniel Spring Cave, located on the Jack Daniel Distillery grounds, and from which the water used to brew the whiskey is taken.