Who Will Take the Hill

September 07, 2010
Cameron D. Adams '12

Tug of WarAt 12:45 PM on Monday, August 23, freshmen and transfer students dressed in their "Who Will Take the Hill" shirts and ready to be able to say that their residence hall "took the hill" gathered for the first group, team-building event of New Student Orientation - the Tug of War between Cushing, the Carpenters, and Whitehouse.

The idea behind "Who Will Take the Hill" is to gather all new students together, in the hope that they not only will bond, but also understand that they are now all Hampden-Sydney brothers and that they must work together to succeed.

It is said that the winner of the overall contest can be predicted by the outcome of the Tug of War.  This year, the winner was not easily predictable.  Each residence hall has built a reputation in the "Who Will Take the Hill" contest.   Cushing has won the last few years; the Carpenters have never won or came in last, and Whitehouse has always come in second.  This year, however, the Carpenters stepped up their game and came in second for the Tug of War event. 

Immediately following the Tug of War, members of each residence hall team moved on to compete against one another in soccer shootout and dodge ball, corn hole and flag football, Hampden-Sydney Trivia and volleyball, the scavenger hunt and Halo tournament, bocce ball and ping-pong, and Ultimate Frisbee.

Hot Dog Eating ContestShortly after those events, new students engaged in the final events, the food eating contest.  Each residence hall selected ten members to see who could finish ten hot dogs and, without any utensils or hands, a plate of mashed potatoes.  Other residents urged on and yelled in support for their brothers to bring the win home for their residence hall.

Throughout the entire contest none of the students knew the scores.  While the final scores were being tabulated, new students gathered in the gymnasium and had the opportunity to ask questions of student leaders.  This gave new students the chance to get the inside scoop on what is and is not acceptable on campus and to ask other questions about student life.

The scores were in and tradition held true for the third year in a row.  Cushing residents (below) were the champions of "Who Will Take the Hill 2010".

"Who Will Take the Hill" could not have been possible without the leadership of Dean Mladen Cvijanovic and Andrew Joyner '11, Chairman of the Freshmen Orientation Committee and all the orientation committee members.

Cushing Winners