Circle K District Convention 2011

March 21, 2011
Kevin M. Anderson '12

DelegatesOn February 18, ten Hampden-Sydney members of Circle K International traveled to the Hyatt Regency in Crystal City for the 2011 Circle K Capital District Convention.  For those who don't know, Circle K is the largest collegiate service organization in the world.  Perhaps the most unique aspect of Circle K is the fact that it is entirely student run, even up to the international board.  The Capital District consists of clubs from Delaware, Maryland, D.C. and Virginia.  The point of District Convention is to give awards for outstanding service and to elect board members for the new service year.

We arrived late Friday evening, just in time for the opening session.  At this time, awards were presented, attending clubs were announced, and speeches were given, all within the theme of "Discovering the Finer Things in Life."  After the opening session, some of the H-SC men went to the Circle K dance, while others chose to explore the suburbs of D.C. as they wandered around Crystal City.

Saturday began early with a large breakfast followed by four workshops. The workshop topics ranged from how to help build a better CKI club to how to build a resume.  After the workshops, all those running for office were given time to present their platforms and to take questions from the convention members.  Our very own Osric Forrest and Cameron Adams ran for the positions of Foothills Lt. Governor and District Bulletin Editor, respectively.  Both of our candidates were received well by the convention. 

The Presidents dinner and ball followed, and the Hampden-Sydney men enjoyed the fellowship piece of the Circle K tenants.    

Sunday morning brought the voting for the new district leadership positions.  Osric Forrest won Lt. Governor of the Foothills division, a position that has him overseeing the Lynchburg and Farmville area Circle K clubs. Cameron was also successful in his campaign as he was elected the bulletin editor for the entire Capitol District, earning himself a spot on the District Board.

Last year, Hampden-Sydney's delegation attended their first District Convention.  Our club had recently become active and was, therefore, not eligible to receive any awards.  After a full year of service, this year was different.  Osric Forrest won the Distinguished President award.  Colin Nickerson won an award for his prompt submissions of secretary reports. The Hampden-Sydney CKI club was second in membership improvement from the previous year with an impressive 43% growth.  Also, our club was recognized for raising more money than any other Circle K club for the March of Dimes foundation. Hearing the successes of all the Circle K clubs around the district inspired all who attended.

With Osric and Cameron moving to higher positions and Vice President Jimmy Ward graduating, a new board has been elected to fill the large shoes of their predecessors.  We, as a club, are up to the challenge and expect to win even more awards next year.  For now, we challenge our members and the rest of the Hampden-Sydney campus to live by the Circle K motto: live to serve, love to serve.